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Have a look at this thread if you haven't already seen it.

Many of us have gotten this little bird to 300g or even less. It flies great at that weight. Mine is at about 290g AUW with a 950 mah battery and stock motor. I think that the stock 250mx is the absolute best motor for this bird , I think you'll be disappointed with 2S. I've run for years with a Talon 15amp and never had a problem. My tail is rock solid and very fast with a DS76t tail servo at a lot less weight and a lot less money.

Weight loss is addictive with this heli, every few grams make a noticeable difference. Have fun.


AFAIK (and according to AMain Hobbies), the Viper VSH 5600kv weighs 30g and the Align MX250 weighs 33.5g.
How could you have saved 28 grams??? ...battery maybe?

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