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Women like that are always taken, sadly. I've been looking for my Gadget Hackwrench my whole life. No deal. You can't blame the guys. Once, when I lived in Chicago, I was washing laundry. This really pretty girl came up to me to ask me about, of all things, my pontiac fiero. She was even wearing a jump suit. Black with yellow trim all the way down to the floor. She wanted to know all about the fiero. Then she started talking about her TransAm. Which she had done all her own work on. Like me, she hated alignments. Probably, who doesn't. Anyways the whole time, I just kept getting more and more engaged. All the sudden, she backed up like an inch and told me she was married. It was so heart breaking. We talked until my clothes were done. Oh well... I hope girls like that understand the desperation, so they aren't offended. There are very few and far between. Lots of time when there are, they've been goaded on by the boyfriends or husbands. But a girl who is genuinely like that...... To the guys that are lucky, well, yeah...
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