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Originally Posted by Murph_d View Post
I think you'll be disappointed with 2S. I've run for years with a Talon 15amp and never had a problem.
Yeah i got a Talon 15 when it first came out, only put the Talon 25 on when i was wanting the Viper 180w motor which would put the amps around 16.

Bench tested the Viper 5600kv on a 65c 2s and it was only getting 120w =( Since the manufacturer rated the motor at 180w continuous, i decided to gamble, put a 14t pinion and bench tested on 3s running a 4800rpm head speed pulling 175watts at 15.4a, motor was just over 100deg F.

Flew 2 pack through her yesterday and ... she's a whole new beast now, when I say she was unboggable at 12deg pitch, i mean unboggable! motor came in both times under 100deg so might bump up to 13deg pitch and maybe 5k headspeed.

hopefully i can get a video today, tic tocs were on crack roll and flip rates were too fast, almost lost orientation several times.

There were 2 viper motors for the 250 before they got discontinued , the 3s 3600kv and the 2s 5600kv, glad I found the 2s version to run on 3s.
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