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Originally Posted by ks9818 View Post
So now with the introduction of the new 360cfx 3s , im totally confused , CFX frame or plastic frame on 330 ? How durable was the 450x frame ? price is a little steep for me on new 360, still leaning towards 330.. thoughts ?
I think you can find a used 360 2-blade, or even a trio. I have the trio and it's not bad, but does have some issues with tail torque pre-comp. Hard to tic-toc without setting the precomp (menu F) really high b/c the nose wants to go left when you jam on the collective. Almost like the tail rotor blades are too small.

Anyway, I say try to find a used 360 if you don't want to take the full kit plunge, i.e. Goblin 420. If you can rock the 270, then the 360 won't be a prob.

Hope this helps.
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