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I try to use every bit of free time I have and that seems to have worked. I slotted half hour a day to sim and although I don't do it every single day I am pretty constant now.

My 420 sits with the FBL and all cables out as I changed out the ESC to have full telemetry. I took a bit of time here to solder the battery connectors from EC5 to EC3 (I bought the ESC used) and then another bit of time to change motor bullets.

So I have managed to get some work done. Sadly if a day breaks out when I can actually fly only the 500 will be able to, as the 380 needs a new pinion after I changed the headspeed and the 420 is all needing major wiring work and a few FBL tweaks.

But I seem to have found that even bits and pieces of time here and there can get a lot accomplished. As you can see I ended up doing relatively complex and time-consuming tasks but I broke it down into pieces. You don't need to allocate a lot of time, just a bit here and there. Specially if you propose yourself at least half hour every day it will end up being in your routine and you can use it to finish that 230 and sim at least until you find time to get out and fly.

Good luck buddy!

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You're not alone. Due to various circumstances I have almost no time for anything anymore. I am replacing the tail boom on my 230S but it's been sitting on the bench for about a month now, I have the replacement boom but no time to finish the repair much less fly it.
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