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Default Progress toward being a full on UAV!

OK...before everyone gets fired up about the 3 bladed head on my 880...its being tested by me as a UAV project and is not available as a hobby item.

I'll be testing out low head speeds of 1400,1500 and 1600 RPM for my house/store front aerial cleaning system with the 880.
I have replaced the motor pinions with 18 tooth pinions which should allow my motors to sing along at their most efficient rotational speed which is also their smoothest RPM.

The other big change and probably the change that will have the most positive impact on what I am trying to do is the addition of the Skookum 900 UAV controller.

The attached photos show it's installation.
The telemetry radio is mounted vertically up front taking the position of where the forward gyro/receiver mounting plate would be.
That gyro/receiver mount was moved to the back with a custom mounting plate for the Skookum 900 controller.
Below the controller is the Futaba R7008SB receiver connected by S-Bus to the Skookum.

Back on the boom is the GPS receiver and below it is the status LED for the system for easy viewing in flight.
The GPS mount was made by cutting the bottom off my blade holder for blade folding. Worked perfect and yes it fit the boom perfectly.
Double sided 3M tape between the blade holder and boom supply rotational security along with a tie-wrap.

Everything has been ground tested and found to be functional.
You couldn't wipe the grin off my face the first time I saw the PFD horizontal situation indicator on my lap top show attitude changes of the 880 as I moved it around manually...what a kick that is!

Ground station setup and test is complete, compass swing was completed so all that is left is to do some check flights...which I would have already done but my left motor ESC decided it was time to stop initializing and left me with a single motor 880...yeah it will fly single motor but I'll wait it out for the new ESC.

In my open yard I see 18 of 20 satellites being used by the GPS.
Given the system will be used by me in washing structures in position hold mode, this is important.
In moving the Velos to the base of a 30 foot wall like it would be during the spray operation I still have 14 satellites being used by the Skookum and that number will only increase once I fly up high to do the spraying so I believe the position hold function of the flight controller will be a huge benefit to me...flight time will tell.

New video will be taken as well for your entertainment and thought, should be very different from my hand flying sessions in the first videos.

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