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Sonny, I'll be glad to help you with the QWW gasser if you need it. I have had one for over 2 years now with 75 hours on it. Honestly, I prefer the sport head over the pro version. I'm not a stick banging 3d guy, but I can do aeros and other basic stuff with it. My heli came out to just over 13lbs fully finished. I also have the metal tail box on mine and it has been bulletproof. I recently changed out my frames to the new V2 version because I just like the way everything is layed out. It's a little more compact than the old frames. I have never had any unusual or out of the ordinary failures with mine over the last 2 years and I'll try to help with any issues that you may run in to. I've owned 3 quicks over the last few years and didn't have any more problems with them than I ever had with JR, Hirobo...etc. The best thing that I have found with mine is that it doesn't wear parts out like the other makes of helis that I have owned.
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