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Originally Posted by treotraveler View Post
I love the spayer set up and the skids. Very nice. I didn't know the 3 blade head was available.
Thanks! Just adding another talent to the Velos 880. Its a very versatile machine.
Fly it for work on the week days and then fly it for fun on the week ends...I could get into that.

Sorry but the 3 bladed head is only available on the Velos UAV, it I not an 880 add on. Mine is just a test bed for the work I am doing to prove the system and concept out.

Still waiting on an ESC from Castle so I can take it out and try position hold using the SK900 while spraying the exterior of my house.
Looks to be a great system.
Checking system operation on the ground it works very well. Somehow it can pick up position in my house and display the helicopters position accurately.
I can walk the helicopter around inside the house and my wife sitting at the ground station in my office can tell me what room I am in just from looking at Google Earth which is part of the ground crazy is that!
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