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Don't worry about your bevel gears unless they are not genuine Align/poor quality.

I had a bad experience with a RCA supplied Seahawk (600). The first one was with a flex drive. The drive end failed due to very poor soldering of the flex cable to the drive end - total loss. RCA replaced it eventually with a new fuselage that came with a TT and their angled gearbox. It failed 6 minutes into the first hover - fortunately as a pod & boom. Wrecked the blades.

So I bought a TT kit where you could adjust the angle. I set it up with the heli mechanics clamped down with no main blades and applied full pitch until something broke (the front bevel gear melted/stripped after about 15 seconds), and the repeated it with a new Align gear and it last around 30 seconds, but logs showed that the tail was pulling around 500W and I knew that the heli in a fuselage would fly on about 1000W, so no way the tail would pull 500W - more like 200-250W I suspect, so I knew I was pretty safe. No problems since.

Very extreme test.

Are you limited by blade length due to the tail horizontal fin ?

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