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Originally Posted by treotraveler View Post
"Sorry but the 3 bladed head is only available on the Velos UAV, it I not an 880 add on. Mine is just a test bed for the work I am doing to prove the system and concept out."

Oki Doki...Buy the UAV when available, take the head, blades and swash outa teH box, throw the rest away. GOT IT.....
That would be a pretty pricy conversion. I don't even have the new blades, again a UAV item, but I fly the stock 880 feathers.

I am still struggling with my ESC issue.
The new unit finally came in and it refuses to identify the low throttle end point when setting up the throttle.

It finds the high throttle end point but not the low.
This is in "External Governor" mode on the ESC.

The ESC finds both high and low throttle end points in "Airplane" and "Helicopter" mode in the ESC but not "External Governor" which is what I fly.

Edit: As always it was an issue with me...not the equipment. Because I had a legitimate issue with the previous ESC I had gone through the entire throttle rigging process for trouble shooting.
I didn't reset the throttle end points in the Skookum user interface before setting the end points when I installed the replacement ESC...couldn't see the forest for the trees

A big thank you to one of the guys over on the Castle forum for pointing out the error I had committed.
Its getting help like that when we have issues that makes Helifreak a great place to interact and figure it out.

Of course now its punishment for being a dumb a**.
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