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I had a major realization yesterday that helped get things moving forward.. Originally, the Apache was meant for belt drive, and I converted it the torque tube using some spare drop down gears from the 500 Blackhawk/Bell 212 mechanics. The drive gear looked like the exact same machined brass gear as the belt drive gear that came with the Apache, so I never gave it a second thought. So, I dug around through my parts drawer and found the original gear. Sure enough, it was 26T vs the 31T gear that I was using from the Blackhawk, and I promptly installed it in the Apache.

After I got back from work today, I took the Apache out and got it spooled up and... SHE FLIES!! No more problems with tail authority at all. Did some basic hover work and slow forward flight with no issues at all. Next time its off to the RC field with a fully charged battery to start messing around with forward flight. So in the end, turns out it was my fault from the beginning
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