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Default Shock struts installed

Finished installing the shock struts to my Velos gear legs.
On my first pick up and set down by hand holding I was rewarded by a nice comfortable soft deceleration coming in contact with the ground.
No more sharp jolt into the airframe that I would feel every time I set it down.

So I'll give this modification as it was very beneficial for me to create.

Using the silicone tubing as the shock absorber works much better than an undampened steel coil spring. The silicone has none of the quick rebound, bouncy, springy tendencies that the coil spring has and its very easy to adjust the cushion.

Given the silicone tubing is captured inside the aluminum gear leg and also supported by the aluminum center shaft, it can only compress so much before it fills the free area inside the leg.

Cushion can be adjusted using this system in two ways.
You can increase the length of the silicone tubing or cut holes in the tubing to allow an easier compression.
I couldn't increase the length of the silicone because of the knee bend in the gear leg. I only had so much dimension to work with. To allow a longer piece of silicone to be used I would have to bend up yet another set of gear and since this was my third iteration of the landing gear, I wimped out and just worked with what I had.
I didn't feel that adding any holes would be beneficial for me so my silicone tubing is unmodified.

As it turns out it was perfect for me. I have about 1 inch of stroke in the strut before I contact the rubber end cap and with the full weight of the Velos on the gear I have about a quarter of an inch in available compression for a harder landing hit. It should be just right.
The silicone gets harder and harder as it compresses so I get a nice gradual slowing in acceleration on touchdown.

Anyway, that's that. I feel like I really did a good thing for my Velos and its new UAV aluminum tube landing gear. Its strong yet forgiving to land on.

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