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Originally Posted by Falung_69 View Post
Yes sir you sure did do a good job with it all
Right On Man
Thanks Clark!
I appreciate your comments.
Yes it has been a great adventure which has just taken pun intended.

As you know it all started with me wondering how much weight the Velos 880 could lift, then doing the long line experiments...the rest as they say is history.
Its a steady progression of building one idea with another into something useful and amazing.

I see the future and I like it.
I have a lot of commercial and residential buildings to clean...then I build new ideas from there.

Again, I appreciate your comments and input Clark.
As you see I have little input coming from the others in my posts.
It would be fun to discuss more ideas from others on utilization.

I would love to be known by people in my area as "that guy with the helicopter" who can do what we need done.

Together we could create an even brighter UAS/UAV future.
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