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Default My first couple of flights ever!

Here's a clip of me flying a heli for the first time! (this was last Saturday 11/25/17)

Well, I used to "fly" a cheap fixed pitch heli a million years ago without success. It was so frustrating that I moved on to planes and lately racing drones.

So I found this gem on a local Toys for tots swap meet for $180 USD mint condition so I decided to give it another try at helicopters and oh man, what a beauty!

On my first day, I started doing circuits, figure 8s, and even loops!

My friends at the local club, which had years of experience with helis could not believe their eyes! They thought I would not even hover it. hahahahahaha.

Here's the video of that day.

Mi primer vuelo de helicóptero 🚁 (5 min 46 sec)

I must admit that I do have lots of fixed wing and racing drone experience, so that helped too.

I'm learning a ton of new things...

Cheers fellow pilots!
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