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Originally Posted by ArchmageAU View Post

This is why tuning rates to your preferences becomes so important.

Also with quads there are 2 types of rates:
- DR/Expo.
- Super.

Super extends DR with a 1/X type curve. This keeps more sensitivity on mid rates than expo.

Max flip, roll and yaw rates of > 720 degrees per second are not uncommon. DEFAULT rates are usually 666 degrees per second.

I use 600 degrees per second when racing and 1000 degrees per second in freestyle (a lot have freestyle rates higher than this).

By contrast, an agile heli has flip and roll rates round 360 degrees per second (and yaw of round 720 degrees per second).
Good info. Thanks. I turned off the Expo and Super to get my bearings and was much more able to hover in LOS mode. I'll start turning them back on as is comfortable. What wild little machines these are.

Is there a god mode that doesn't make me restart from the beginning every time I flip it. I would rather just keep going initially till I get used to it.

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