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Originally Posted by rdlohr View Post
Good info. Thanks. I turned off the Expo and Super to get my bearings and was much more able to hover in LOS mode. I'll start turning them back on as is comfortable. What wild little machines these are.

Is there a god mode that doesn't make me restart from the beginning every time I flip it. I would rather just keep going initially till I get used to it.

Unfortunately no god mode in sim. Good incentive to stay well away from obstacles in the sim (as well as in real life) until much more comfortable with flying.

You will get the hang of it quickly. Flying FPV mode becomes MUCH easier with a little practice.

Have a look at the Joshua Bardwell series on learning to fly FPV. You will get the hang of it in no time.

Also fly only in rate mode (never self level). Just lower the rates till you remain in control. You will find self level will end up fighting you.
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