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I got the TT installed in the boom, use some silicone crease on the o-rings and it slides in easy. Actually fits better than the v1 TT did.

But then ran into a minor snag installing the boom. Guys with old v1 plastic tailgears from Montana listen up: The new TT ends fit VERY snug into the old gears. So sung I thought the TT did not fit at first because I couldn't get the ends to bottom out in the gear in the tail transmission.

To make this work first make sure the inside of the gear in the tailcase is clean - use a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol or mild soap if needed to clean it out. Then very lightly grease the TT end and install. It may take some pressure to get it to seat but you have to make sure its all the way bottomed out or the boom wont fit into the locating holes at either end.
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