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Originally Posted by Marius Titulescu View Post
Wow. It looks awesome! How long did it take to reach this stage?
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Marius from Cargolution
This forum thread started at the end of March this year with an experiment in creating a useable cargo hook with release for lifting weight.

The cargo hook led to the swing arm for releasing rope over high tree branches to remove them.

The swing arm led to the addition of the spray boom for exterior cleaning of structures and insecticide spraying.

The spray boom led to adding the SK900 to make all of the above jobs easier to fly.

The addition of the SK900 will probably lead to the addition of a camera as the height of my cleaning will increase but my visual orientation will be reduced because of that height. Up to 40 or 50 feet is no problem, above that I could use a visual aid such as the camera to let me know where I am exactly.

It's just been a steady progression of ideas. The realization of one idea opens the door to another idea and into the future we go. Lots of fun.

I have high hopes in creating a retirement business from the structure cleaning aspect of my experiments with the Velos.
Its fast, simple, relatively safe using Velos redundancy, I wouldn't try it with another airframe, and its entertaining.

It's a little confusing for the FAA in regulation as I am technically tethered to the ground by my supply hose doing that kind of work so will there be any regulation from the FAA for this?
I really don't think so but time will tell. Its the same process for the FAA in creating regulation concerning UAVs as it is for us in creating new ideas in their application.
One thing leads to another...its all new territory to explore for everyone.
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