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Originally Posted by Kjoeller1986 View Post
I did the firmware update to my transmitter and receiver, now they are the newest versions.

I can't get into setup mode anymore. No servos will dance for me, it did before the update.

What can i do about that? I really need help :'-(
I recently discovered that in order to access various administrative adjustments that require use of the bind switch, ie trim flight, servo centering, calibration modes, etc; the throw travel needs to be above 70. Meaning if the servo travel is set to 100, the DR needs to be 70 or higher.

I found this out when after changing my DR's to 100/100 for high rate and 65/65 for low rate, I could no longer get the heli into trim flight mode if I had the rate switch set to low rates. But it would work still if the rate switch was in high rates.
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