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I'm still pretty new to RC copters. Had a MCX2, then a V911, and as of last month got a 230S. First CP, and loving it. Already been through a few tail rotors, a tail boom, a landing skid, and on the last pack I flew last week, (pack #9) I set it down real hard and broke the skids and the frame.

So I got to experience rebuilding. I ended up putting a skid from a 300 on it, cause my local shop was out of 230 skids. I kinda like the wider stance.

So I got done with the rebuild, thought I took good notes about the servo wiring, but no.

This thread got me straighened out.

I flew one pack at lunch today, just hovering out back at work, under a bunch of trees in a moderate breeze. Kinda scary, but no is real stable, still. Flew my other five battery packs after work. No incidents, just a fun session.

I'm definitely hooked. Gonna add some LEDs to help with orientation when it's far away. A friend at work hooked me up with some mil-spec LEDs. The white ones are WAY bright running them at 3 volts each. The white ones are 3mm, gonna put a pair up front like headlights.

The idea is when it's far away and I lose orientation, I can stop and pirouette until I see the two lights pointing at me, then go forward. Almost lost it twice now due to losing orientation.

The red and green are huge, I think 10mm. Gonna wire them up for now, made custom mounts that sit in-between the skids right now, but ultimately, I want some 3mm blinking ones for the nav lights, and mount them up inside. The big ones look kinda goofy.

Transitioning to a CP heli is quite a jump and I think that learning to hit TH or maybe in the case of this heli, the panic button is not easy. When I got into a tight spot I used to keep pulling the throttle back which just kept banging the heli in on max neg pitch.

Rather than fitting orientation lights I would recommend practicing flying it fairly close to you. If you go far away then it is so easy to lose the orientation. and not be able to control it. Do hovering and then expand this to flying in circles and figure of eights but all the time keeping the helicopters speed under control and the circuits fairly tight. When you can do this fairly well climb a bit just in front of you when you get to practicing flips and rolls etc . At first the heli will likely come out of the maneuver dashing off in some direction but your mastery of circuit skills will allow you to catch the heli and keep it near to you.
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