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Originally Posted by net wurker View Post
Yeah, I still have a pretty steep learning curve. I think a sim is the next "thing-to-get".

Believe me, when it was "out there" those two times, it wasn't by design! It just kinda got away from me in the wind.
I appreciate that, these heli's can get away from you pretty easily. This is why I am amazed at the top 3D flyers on You Tube how they pole these helis around and yet they are 100% in control all the time. To be honest I don't have a clue how to do that kind of flying where the tail is continually spining and yet the direction of the heli is fully controlled. A sim is a very good tool. I have an older copy of Phoenix which helps me.but it isn't quite like actual flying. One thing I would say with the sim is that when you use it make every effort not to crash the heli. I know crashes are free in the sim but I found that the mental attitude of crashing seemed to overflow into my actual flying.
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