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Keep up the good work. I'm no 3d flyer and my passion is scale helicopters, which I do not own. So, I just recently got the MH speed fuselage for scale appearance to sooth my craving. I already had the led night flyer set which is nice for orientaion. With the night blades on, I can fly it better than in the day. Since then, I've been going to the field(day) and flying it with the Blade CF mains and MH CF tail blades, and wow what a difference good blades make. I can do smooth circuits, dives with some funnel, speed up and slow down the curcuit, etc. Mind you, I'm using self leveling swash plate because it gets way out of my control quick without it. The only thing is with this software, it limits banking, pitch etc. I know there are receivers out there that allow self leveling and you set the limits, but they are real pricey, so having fun with as is. Since safe has come out. its only a matter of time until Blade will offer self leveling swash with out angle limiting all while in idle up. Show us some pics of your bird. Mine is on here somewhere, no repeat pics, oh well.
Good Luck and everyone on Helifreak offers help to one another.
Now I gotta satisfy my field flying, been a week. Scottheli
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