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Yes. Pro pilots have amazing reflexes and many of them have a natural ability for this. But it does take them quite a while to learn. Very few of them will take a short time to start doing really difficult maneuvers. Many of the pros have been flying for years from a young age. And many others just practice a long time.

For us regular human beings it takes a long time with the short time to be able to allocate to practice. I will be 3 years in next March and I am still trying to learn all my orientations.

The single most important cause of slow progress though is fear of crashing. I actually lived that. I was doing basically only tail-in hover and crashing constantly. When I tried some FFF (fast forward flight or side to side in a straight line across the field) I had one my most terrible crashes. But on the sim I was able to hover inverted, do stall turns, flips and rolls. Once I almost crashed a little 230S on a very bad inverted hover attempt and saved it by pushing Rescue. That, for me, removed the psychological barrier of crashing and I was able to fly high and try everything I was doing on the sim. So literally overnight my progression gave a huge leap forward.

It is key to find a way to remove that fear of crashing. Usually a small inexpensive heli will help. Some buy a couple of the same to crash one, and have the other for reference and to keep flying even if with a bit more reserve until both are fixed and you can start trying new things again. That is how you progress quickly. But yes, it does take time for the brain to adapt and it's different for each person.
I think that the top pilots must have just an amazing natural ability to do this sort of thing.
I've been flying about 4 years and progressed up from a contra rotating heli through fixed pitch to CP. My first CP was a 130X but I bought a MCPX BL because of the expense and work/time involved repairing the 130X. The MCPX BL taught me the basics of CP flying and I still have it in operational condition although I don't fly it much. I found the same with the sim in that I can do way more on the sim than in real life and it is crashing that prevents me trying a lot of advanced stuff. To me crashing seems to generate two set of problems, the immediate breakages and then consequent failures, like you will find the tail motor pack up or something.
The guys at the local model shop think I can fly better than most and put together a reasonable display of smooth aerobatics but I just can't do this hard 3D stuff so I will stick with my limitations. At the moment I am trying to perfect tick tocs.
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