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My personal approach is to avoid crashes at all costs. Sure crashes can happen but can be significantly reduced by getting a good grip on the basics, while flying for real on what you are either proficient on, or can easily bail out of.

As my example.

For real:
Tail-in hover
Tic tocs (tail down and aileron)
Stall turns
Piro stall turns (or whatever they are called, basically a stall turn with a piro)
Upright CW circuits
Funnels tail down, upright, CW (although sadly I thought I was able to bail out from them and destroyed my Goblin 380 recently, still saving up $$ to recover).
Back flips
Rolls (although not as common to do them)
Inverted hover
Inverted punch out with piro
FFF inverted (scary, I usually bail out half way through the field)
Baby auto landings

All of the above plus:
4 point static hover, inverted and upright, CW and CCW
Circuits and hurricanes all orientation and directions EXCEPT reverse inverted CW and CCW although have to admit still some work needs to be done on upright reverse.
Funnels upright tail down CW, working on CCW

Quite a gap but what happens to me is that a bad crash really brings me down. On my very latest flight videos after the crash I stopped doing many things I was comfortable with (of course no funnels at all) just out of fear of crashing. Slowly recovering.

My plan is to hit the sim hard until I can master my current goals up to funnels all directions tail down so I can transition between upright and inverted on a figure 8 and then start slowly moving to reality.

The point here is it takes a very long time. Crashes, at least to me, make that process even slower. I have been giving serious thought at flying my big helis at the very basic of my skills and try new things on a small heli that is cheap to crash. I have been given a lot of advice of what this heli could be but they all are still a bit expensive to be able to crash them regularly. I am seriously considering going back to a Blade 230S. The Oxy 3 is another good choice but they only one I like is the Tareq Edition and that can also be expensive to crash hehe.

Originally Posted by Allan114 View Post
Are you proficient at all the basics?

I call basics the following:

Stable hover in all upright and inverted orientations.
Upright, yes I can hover tail in and nose in. Inverted I am ok nose in but no so tail in.
Circuits in all upright and inverted, CW and CCW, forward and reverse. Circuits upright but very limited inverted

That's more than I can do. I am working on inverted reverse circuits currently. They are hard. Your ahead of me here

Once that is done my next goal is funnels tail down only, inverted and upright, CW and CCW.

Once that is done in theory I should be able to start giving a shot at the "stir maneuvers" starting with the piro-flip. It blows my mind some pilots achieve piro-flips in the first year or two. I think this season I can only MAYBE get the funnels if I stick to my daily half hour sim practice.

Then of course I have to overcome my fear of moving that to reality I am talking reality

I am doing tic tocs for a good while now, basically just trying to get them but without constant deliberate practice like the basics. Still not as good as I would want them to be

I think just keep up the practice and when flying for real just small safe steps.
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