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Originally Posted by Helicrow View Post
Have tried the simnow for a few hours. I really like the physics but the modells ive tried so far needs some tuning. Theres not much options for us nitrogliers really. The only engine for the 700 is 91h and 91hz, really oldies. There should be 105hz-r, ys 96srx ys120srx.

Also the canopy on trex 600n dfc is not the dfc canopy but some really old style one.
Theres only trex 600n and 700n. The new t rex 700n dfc not avalible. Gaui nx4 or nx7 not avalible. I hope you give us some more nitro stuff guys. Other then that im happy so far. I need to set the camera better tho, anyone have any sugestions ?
As I understand it, they are currently developing some more nitro engines for AccuRC (OS & YS I believe). I think I heard they are also working on the Protos Max Nitro but that may be a while.

As stated earlier in the thread, Align donít seem to get around to releasing the CAD drawings for their models so Iím not sure we will see the current Align models for a while.

As for camera settings; most people seem to use Ground In View. Some use auto zoom (like me), some prefer it manual so you zoom in with the mouse wheel to suit your flying distances.

So many things to fly, so little time.
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