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Originally Posted by wizzel1 View Post
along with some minor vertical play in the main shaft
Are you saying your main shaft has some up and down play in the main shaft bearing blocks?

If so you should have 0 play in the main shaft using Main Shaft Spacers Part Number H25128, trick is to have enough spacers to have no slop, however not bind when free spinning the head reverse in the OWB.

I'd remove the main blades, power her up and center your throttle stick with throttle hold on, or better yet unplug your motor leads, and check the slop with your servos powered on, if your hovering is not stable up and down and you have to hunt for the sweet spot to keep her steady, could be that slop you are mentioning in the swash and main shaft.

Also check blade tracking if you haven't already.

I used to think this 250 was sooooo stable till I got a 700 size heli, now I've come to realize my expectations of a stable hover is different now and my 250 will never be as stable as a larger bird, not seeing what your heli is doing, I'm not sure if your expectations are at the 700 size level, but thought I'd throw that out there.
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