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The stock says Ďbalance chargerí, but what it does in reality could be two different things. It takes about 1-1.25hr from 3.75 to 4.20.

Though I agree on not borking the new packs with the default charger. Have to make a decision on that tp610c soon...

But back on what we actually did with the 230, Iíve been hitting more nearby fields and itís been great. Am taking it easier after it got a bit loose the other day. Am about to go up to the school again for a quick puttering around.

Unfortunately all my city-operated parks do not allow flying. I figured if they were aware enough to add that to their rules thereís a decent chance the PD would also know. I did the FAA crap yesterday despite my feelings on it and printed some tiny labels with my contact and UAS info... I canít justify an ama membership at this time.

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