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Originally Posted by JonJet View Post
I'm only slightly skeptical of this Battery Medic thing...

The way it is has the ability to correct cell imbalances?

How? By taking voltage from one cell and transferring it to another? I'd sure like to know how it can do that...

If it has the ability to discharge without being connected to a charger discharge circuit...where does that battery power go?

Is this Battery Medic different from what I have?
The one I have is pretty much identical in appearance to the one you have jonjet. Mine has the balance feature, it's pretty basic, all it does is discharge the highest measured cell until the voltage readings match. It's very slow, internal resistor, energy dispersed as heat.

To activate it you hold down the CELL button for a second or two. There must be a difference between cells of more than 0.01v for it to activate.
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