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I took the heli out and flew three packs through it again today but unfortunately another windy and gusty day where I fly. I do find this heli a little prone to wind and I can see how "Hate the Drake" got rather too high as they can quickly get caught and balloon up. Flying in IU2 I can put some neg pitch in to stop this but you have to be prepared to catch it as it comes down as it can suddenly fall quite quickly. Its not an easy bird to keep at a constant height in the wind.

Today is a very grey day and not very bright light. I find with my 60 year old eyes that it is not easy to see the orientation of this heli if it gets too far away, so I have to keep it close. Its sometimes difficult to see whether the tail is pointing in or out and whether the heli is banking and sliding one way or other. The green canopy is particularly bad. I am thinking about getting a pair of the amber tinted shooting glasses to see if that helps.

As for these little battery testers mine will give cell voltages, balance cells to a set level and also discharge to a set level, so quite useful and leaves the charger free to do charging.
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