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Originally Posted by Allan114 View Post
I find with my 60 year old eyes that it is not easy to see the orientation of this heli if it gets too far away, so I have to keep it close. Its sometimes difficult to see whether the tail is pointing in or out and whether the heli is banking and sliding one way or other.
I painted my tail fin blaze orange, that helped me see the orientation much better. You can paint the tail boom too. And you can buy orange tail rotors. All will help visibility for tail position.

For orientation on whether you're looking at the top or bottom of the disc, an option there too is to paint the tops of the blades one color and the bottoms of the blades another color. Just be sure to 1) scuff the blades up with some 300 grit sandpaper so it actually sticks, 2) double check blade balance after the paint dries
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