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Default Couldn't Resist Beating the Dead Horse )Lynx Extended Booms)....

Good points JonJet, but I need to break it down a bit...

Originally Posted by JonJet View Post
The 450X is certainly alive and well here in least at My house

1) Stock 450X frame w/ several Lynx upgrades and 4S motor
Yep, for me, stock frame on one, with upgraded Scorpion motor, KST 215 servos, CC 50A ESC, and FBL, flies great!

2) MicroHeli CF frame with Lynx upgrades and 6S motor

3) MicroHeli CF frame w/Lynx Stretch Kit and 6S motor

4) Lynx CF frame w/Lynx Stretch Kit and 6S motor
Same for me. Lynx CF frame is a terrific upgrade, but not available any more. Glad that I bought 4 of them. Also Scorpion motor, CC 50 ESC, KST 215 servos.

All have iKON FBL and Castle Talon35 ESC's
For me, one Spirit FBL and the rest are Brain2 FBLs. All work great with my Futaba RXs.

Half of them on stock servo's - the other half on KST 215's

Will use the stock 270CFX batteries I have plus new Pulse Ultra 1050's
I am using 1350 6S batteries for my 6S Blade 450Xs. I had to move the mounting holes back about 1/2" to relieve canopy tightness. The extra weight is not a problem and longer flight time is nice.

I'm seriously considering the 330X...the news that work is handing out $1000 tax-incentive bonuses on next weeks paycheck kinda tipped the scales for Me...just so I can find a use for (3) 3S batteries
Ok, now for the more serious comment. Would you consider the instead of the 330X, buying an OXY4? There are a few reasons why that might be a problem for you:

1. Lynx makes excellent products, but unfortunately, they have dumped most of their B450/330 line, so you can't get a decent stretch boom anymore. For me, abandoning their stretch booms and accessories was extremely disappointing. Yes I know, don't cry over spilled milk, and I have done enough of that in the Lynx Forum.

2. No Spektrum RX/FBL, so you would have to provide your own. Since you use Ikon, you would only need an RX.

To me though, the real reason to consider the OXY4 is that you already know that Lynx produces quality products, or else you would not have invested in so many of their upgrades. Also, Lynx will support their upgrades including extended booms much longer than they would support anyone else's products. And last, the OXY4 Stretch, will be an awesome helicopter in that size.

Ok, too much typing from me! Just a few thoughts.

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