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Well, it was dead calm this evening so I took a few pictures and went for a test flight, at home in the street. I hate flying here because right when I want to fly the street lights come on. I pretty much beat them today though. Also, I like to lower collective in the turns and get it to loose altitude while in FFF and give just enough rudder to fly realistically. I actually flew real good with zero wind. It did just what I asked. I flew the time out to 6 minutes with no problems with the 1300's. I could tell the Deans and new batteries gave it power when needed. I got straight on toward me and when it got close, did a full reverse and full collective. The tail held great and was able to turn that in another circuit . It flies really sport scale with the added weight and I could do even better if it had more aileron. Seem to limit that the most. I tried advanced with the 200srx/s and was like really, no way for me. It got out of my control skills in like 5 seconds. Anyway, here's how shes looking for night flights with no LVC occurrences since upgrade, No crashes, I'm stoked. I made this led helipad about 5 years ago out of spare junk and a crawfish tray
Now i definately want this one.....nice
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