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Originally Posted by Joeribar View Post

i have start with this today with my Oxy 3
Start with 20 on P gain
Turn D gain to 0
Turn I gain to 0
Turn off cyclic precomp
Turn off Pitch precomp

but still have tail bounce please can someone send me his setup for the tail for a 300class heli ? i don't now what to do anymore

best regards Joeri
did you ever get your heli sorted out???
after the update to add the second satellite my servos went crazy they started working after downloading the quadcopter firmware then I erased it and reload it to Healy firmware after on and off a few times it finally started working but I had the wag of death and did everything until I lowered the I and D gain down to 20% has fixed it I still have a little bit of tweaking on the stock game do that tomorrow let me know if you fixed yours I might be able to help
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