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Originally Posted by Rogue22 View Post

Ok, now for the more serious comment. Would you consider the instead of the 330X, buying an OXY4? There are a few reasons why that might be a problem for you:

1. Lynx makes excellent products, but unfortunately, they have dumped most of their B450/330 line, so you can't get a decent stretch boom anymore. For me, abandoning their stretch booms and accessories was extremely disappointing. Yes I know, don't cry over spilled milk, and I have done enough of that in the Lynx Forum.

2. No Spektrum RX/FBL, so you would have to provide your own. Since you use Ikon, you would only need an RX.

To me though, the real reason to consider the OXY4 is that you already know that Lynx produces quality products, or else you would not have invested in so many of their upgrades. Also, Lynx will support their upgrades including extended booms much longer than they would support anyone else's products. And last, the OXY4 Stretch, will be an awesome helicopter in that size.

Ok, too much typing from me! Just a few thoughts.

1) I have never had an issue with a Lynx was Lynx products designed for the Oxy2 and Oxy3 that cured the issues I had with the Oxy3 and then the Oxy2...
Nobody has been able to explain why for instance: 1) Lynx 300X ball link ends fit the Oxy3 perfectly without any reaming or adjustment needed - 2) Why the Lynx 180CFX servo rod ends fit perfectly on the Oxy2 and solved the binding issue - 3) Why the Lynx 300X servo-to-swash rods are a perfect fit on the Oxy3 (I secretly know this answer)

2) For just a few bucks more than the Oxy4 kit...I can have a fully RTF 330X...and I suspect it will be similar to the 270CFX I bought last year - perfect right from the box - and no Oxy dealer is going to honor the $50 Gift Card I got from sister-in-law for the LHS who is a Horizon Partner

3) I've been there - done that didn't like it - didn't enjoy it - don't want to go there again - and one Oxy remains at over $100 off new with several CNC upgrades after being for sale for more than 2 months

4) The 300X I just the first and only reason for Oxy's existence - so I'll have the size covered - the sat arrived today - the FBL comes tomorrow - servos by Friday and airframe by the end of next week - I already have the Lynx 4S motor and Talon35 - and all together it's less than the price of the Oxy3 kit
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