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Originally Posted by ks9818 View Post
Very generalized statement your making there Ben , my 330x Is stock and WILL always stay stock ! I love the way it flys as is !! For the price it's perfect the way it is .., when I'm ready to build and spend BIG $$$ , I will get the OXy 4 or Something else and have fun tweaking it ..
Is it pretty generalized. But a quick peruse of the 130x, 180cfx, 270, and nearly all of them and the "general" norm is to modify them. Is it fun, yes. Done by most, yes...although that remains to be seen. Talk of putting $400+ into a 130x in my mind is just crazy, but I understand liking that stuff. I like it too, but would rather just buy to the level I am trying to modify something to.

If you yourself do not plan to add better servos or a state of the art FBL, then you would probably be a one-off. If anyone buys one that has been flying Blade for some time now, like jj for instance, they likely will not remain stock. The servos and motor are at the lower end, and can be improved upon by moderate priced items very easily. Heck, I put KST 215 in my 230 and it was night and day difference...same servos in the 330x.

Not bashing this model as I have never flown one or the previous version. I have however, flown with a mixture of all the electronics being used and I know that many of the issues I had with all of my Blade products were the electronics, not as much the design of the model. That is why I say frame aside, the 330x will never compare to anything your build yourself. If you know someone with say a Gaui X3, G380, P380 sporting the 3050 servos, let me know. These models house the same size servos...frames aside. And they cost about the same as 215s, actually more. Just speaking for the servos. Motor is a different story.

I keep checking the 330x forum for some flight reports or someone excited about how it flies or what have you. Someone that never flown a 450x before. Flight reports don't seem to be present. Not that it means anything necessarily, just odd. And no, I have not reached out to other sites to see if they have any. I figure HF is a pretty good representative of flyers out there.
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