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Originally Posted by JonJet View Post
And if I may generalize too...

I'd buy a second 330X (sight unseen as of this moment) and have two for roughly the same price as fully outfitting a similar sized kit heli

And likely not need to do any of the infamous "tuning" needed just to get the damn thing to hover...I'll bet good $$$ that both would fly just fine right out of the box much like the 270CFX did last year at this time
I have never needed ANY "special" tuning as you are referring to and don't even know what you mean. I do know that like in all do-it-yourself FBL tuning, it does require you to do a little research and reading. The BX is no different in that respect. If the details are something someone misses often, say like setting up the FBL gov or any other minor steps to go through, then this model is perfect. Everything is done for you and RTF.
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