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I had a 400 and FBL'd it. Then I bought a 450x, and crashed it. Then after rebuilding it realized the only difference between the 400 and 450 is the tail frame, boom, and tailcase. So after a bad crash on the 400 I replaced the frame, boom and tailcase for about $60 bucks. Now I have 2 450x's I can test different electronics on. One with V-bar and other with original 7200 BeastX. Amazing how similar in flight but how different to tune.
There are some amazing 450 canopies out there and with a hole reamer you can mod almost any canopy to fit the 450x.

The 450x / 330x is perfect as a frame. I would stick with plastic to learn on, and booms and bearings you can buy by the dozen at the local LHS.

This is the why the 450x in not obsolete thread no?
Yes that's a carbon MCPX!
MCPx BL, 180cfx, 400 FBL-6S, 450x, Mostro 700, 18MZ Spectrum Module wired through training port.
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