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Default 3D UAV

I decided I wanted to learn the UAV side of things for future projects. I am going to use the pixhawk 2.1 cube to make the Velos autonomous but I will also be able to flip a switch and still fly 3d with it. I will keep my Axon running downstream from the Pixhawk. Because setting the Pixhawk up for a traditional helicopters is relatively easy with a downstream fbl unit I am learning the system on a quad first. This way I can learn the ins and outs beforehand. After the quad I will try the helicopter set up on my NX550 nitro before the Velos. The pixhawk, here gps, and radio telemetry only ran about $300 and it is a crazy powerful system. It is widely used in huge operations and even recently used in drone attacks on Russian from Syria... crazy. I hope to have it up and running on the Velos mid season this year and I will update this thread further.

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