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Default Gyro Gain on DX6i

Well, I finally got to Maiden my 330X today, and overall I am impressed. The 450XV2 was my first larger heli, but I had a lot of problems with the FBL and tail issues with that heli. Recently the motor started to go and I lost a servo so I replaced it with the 330X.

Anyway, wondering if anyone out there has the 330 paired to a DX6i and what gyro gain you are using. The manual recommends 60 for normal and 50 for IU. I tried mine at 60 and the tail had a prominent slow wag. I adjusted to near 90 on normal mode and it's a lot better, but not perfect. It was breezy today, so maybe tomorrow I will see with no wind how it is.

Might try IU as well.

Anyone else?
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