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Default Questions: My Blade 450X transformation to a MD500E

After just a few months of flying my Blade 450X, I decided to get her an MD500E fuselage.

But I would like to know a few questions even though the first phase of transformation has taken place:

1. Would an increase weight, affect my ESC and Motor? (stock)

2. I also got a 5 bladed CNC head, which I have not installed yet. What other mods do I need to install along with the 5 bladed head? (ESC, Motor, Battery, Tail blade?)

3. I know that 3D will not be possible now with such weigh, but what kinds of mods or tweaks do I need to perform on the Beast X in order to make it fly better? (not 3D, but just better).

I already flew her for a bit and noticed that for her to lift I need to apply more pitch than usual.

Thanks for your help!

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