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Default Torque Tube & bevel gears substitute

I was in need of the BLH5739 Bevel gear 25T Tail boom case
& BLH5740 Bevel gear 24T Torque tube gear for my 700x. I had all other parts for it to fly. But I couldn't find these gears anywhere. I noticed that my Align 700x had similar gears both 24T. The torque tube gear is almost an exact fit with very minor modification. For the bevel gear I had to make a bushing for it to fit. Did so out of a carbon fiber boom support.

Flew it yesterday 3 times and it flew like a champ. Didn't do any hard 3d (I'm incapable) but did some flips, loops circles & many pirouettes and the gearing held & functioned great.

If anyone is interested in what I did, I have some pics & could post them.
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