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Default New FBL Mount Idea

My SK900 is due delivery today so I am very excited about that. Looking forward to getting back in the air to learn more of what I have to learn to take me down this path.

We have always looked for that magic mounting system for our FBLs.
One that would dampen out unwanted frequency that blinds the ability of the FBL to "see" clearly. But one that does not hide the useful frequencies of our dynamic components so we can gage health of the components and do maintenance like balancing those dynamic components.

So let me throw one more experimental FBL mounting system into the mix.
It involves a Scotch product I found in the local hardware store in the Velcro section, but it is not Velcro.
It is a type of fastener, but not like you are probably used to. This product has plastic interlocking fingers that provide the grip instead of the hook and fuzz normally used.

This design of fastener is very stiff when snapped together, not like the hook and fuzz type which can allow a lot of movement between the two parts it is stuck to which could never be used as a FBL mount.

My idea is this.
Given there is no movement between the two fastening parts when they are snapped together and given you can see daylight between the two fastening parts when snapped together when held up to the light while looking through the edge, wouldn't it be feasible to think vibrations would be dampened out trying to pass through the fastener on their way to the FBL?

It may have better dampening tendencies than a foam or rubber mount.
I will find out.
Am I worried the FBL will move during mount is very secure.
I am using 3M double sided tape applied to the fastener's sticky mounting tape to attach it to the carbon fiber airframe mount and the bottom of the FBL.

Should be interesting, I'll let everyone know by looking at my vibration charts if it is a benefit or not.
Stay tuned.

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