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Originally Posted by pierredelica View Post
Hey LubeMan1,

How are you going with your Mezon and vx1 gov? Have you managed to get it running ok? Iím still trying but I think I may have to set Mezon to Normal and remove all brake settings and see how that goes.

What settings have you set in your Mezon?

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I haven't been able to test fly at all its winter here and too cold for me, but on the bench it seem to work ok. I see the RPM's changing on the TX in different FMs. Doesn't mean it will work the same in flight though I suppose.

I have ESC @ fast response and no braking, in Vortex I have gov set on in IU 2-3 three point throttle V curve set in Jeti @ 75% 85% 95% respectfully
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