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Originally Posted by pierredelica View Post
Yes both high and low are correct 0-100% and bailout I have set so it sees 11% as per vortex. I adjusted radio bailout switch percentage for this.

Then only thing is in Mezon it's really hard to get correct ratio with only 1 decimal place. I might be sounding picky bit on synergy 516 with main at 181t and pinion at 18 that's 10.06 so I've set Mezon to 10. It's either 10 or 10.1 it's only going for to make a difference of about 40-50rpm. Gov changes and sets quite well on bench with our blades so now it's blades on time.

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The gear ratio isnít important in the Mezon when running external governor. It only outputs the correct head speed for telemetry and logging. It will have no affect on flight performance.

I flew a Spartan 2 seasons ago and experienced a lot of chatter with the gov. It can only be tuned in flight. V-curve is necessary for applying throttle precomp. I donít remember if thereís advanced tuning options in the Spartan gov but you may need to look there if youíre fighting a wagging tail due to gov. I believe I dropped my gov gain to settle down the chatter.

I may have missed it but it would be helpful to know gear ratio, head speed, etc.
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