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Originally Posted by pierredelica View Post
Ok so just spooled up in the back yard and still no go. It still pulses when I engage id1. With no gov and using throttle curve it's fine. I should get me DS-24 next week which will make setting changes much easier.

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Logging will be helpful.

You'll want to specifically look at throttle input & output. When you have Spartan integration running there's a screen where you can monitor the bank and headspeed. You'll need to look at that too.

I'm not sure how bad the chatter is that you're experiencing in idle 1 but you definitely need to get it up in the air. If it doesn't seem flyable then you've got a major problem. Likely something is not right on the feedback side, I.e. parameter or bad rpm circuit.

The Spartan I ran in the past worked fine. A little chatter but nothing wrong with it. I still fly 2 Mezon's in my fleet. They've been fine. Set to external gov input (high speed), start power -50(or as low as possible). Avoid commutation errors as much as possible, Mezon's like to pop when this happens.
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