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Default Position Hold flights begin.

Was able to get in my first position hold flights this week end.
The first time I threw the switch on my TX to put the Velos and SK900 in position hold I didn't know what to expect.
Would it suddenly flip over and crash to the ground...would I lose control...nope, after I threw the switch the big Velos just stared back at me.
It didn't make any sudden moves like I thought it would in making the transition, it just sat there as if nothing happened.
At first I thought nothing happened then with some stick movement on the TX I realized it was in position hold.

Did a few more shake down flights to allow myself to get used to the idea and make some small adjustments to the SK900.
I am telling you it was all I could do to drop the TX sticks on the first flight and let the SK900 fly the Velos on its own.
After having a death grip on the TX sticks for years, it was very unnatural to let go.

So my first impressions after only a few flights which were in windy gusty conditions...I am impressed and looking forward to using my new found friend in position hold to allow me to more easily do the work I have intended for my Velos which is to become an aerial cleaning machine.

Looking for warmer temps to do some video, should be entertaining.
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