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Default Blade 400 setup problems

It seems as tho my Blade 400 is mechanicaly setup right..Im using my own Futaba 6exhp Transmitter.
All electronics and wires are correct.
only thing i'm suffering now if from settings cause i'm used to Flying bigger Heli's like Raptor 50.
I bought this Blade 400 just to fool around with. So when i reset one of my programs in my Radio i do all my basic adjusting like nor, Rev, and so forth. But now when i give it throttle just to test out blades, i notice that when i let down on throttle, the Heli lifts up a little..This only happens when i give it a good amount of throttle and if i let down to fast the heli lifts slightly off the ground..I wonder why it does that. I am not sure i want to give it mid stick Throttle for fear that if i let down on throttle, the heli will Jump in the air...Any feedback on this? Mechanically the Heli is setup right..Could it be my Transmitter settings? my goal is to make this lift off smoothly 1 feet of the ground so i can continue my other testing...

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