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Default logo 550 tail wag

Just finished building my 2017 logo 550 (yes - it took me way too long) and got to maiden her. She has a slow tail wag at 1900 RPM's that increases in frequency at 2100 rpm's. FBL is vbar neo and tail servo is xpert r2t. The tail seems to hold when i punch the collective, but i want to get the wag sorted before i fly it.

Interestingly, when i built a logo 500se like 5 years ago, it had the same type of wag. The problem that time was the tail box wasn't on square, but i have gone over that like 3 times now and i really think i have it set right.

It really seems like something mechanical, but nothing is popping up that's obvious to me. tail moves relatively smoothly side to side, i wouldn't call it perfectly "butter", but definitely smooth.

Any ideas?
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