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Originally Posted by motoxxxman View Post
You realize the CPS is the updated CPX, right? But yes, a CPS v2 with brushless motors would be great.
Yes I am well aware and have owned several CPS models (the CPS was my first CP). Actually, I have owned quite a few “S” models from Horizon/Blade and just about every one had issues. The CPS particularly had very erratic behavior and would have random issues such as servos moving on their own, twitches in flight, no response to throttle hold after a crash (to name a few).

Once I bought myself the previous generation “X” models of the same heli’s I realized what I had missed out on. Every one I bought flew better, more powerful and just felt like an all around better heli. That includes the CPX, 130X, mCPX BL. I owned all of their “Safe” counterparts (CPS, 130S, etc). Once you get the basics of flight down and move into stunt modes you will realize that you no longer need the “SAFE” mode. That is when I would urge you to try out an older model and see the difference. I have several CPX models and they all fly great. A world of difference from the CPS!

It seems like SAFE mode just always creates a headache.
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