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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
Honestly, I have nothing but praise for these little CP helicopters! They fly much, much better than, say, the Walkera CB100 or the CB180 that I started out on years ago.

Sure, the Nano CPS does twitch oddly on occasion, among other things, but it has also enabled me to learn and practice maneuvers that I could never muster the courage to try on my Oxy2 and Oxy3.

I think these little CP helis are also wonderful to practice with in small yards--I just don't have any larger isolated fields to fly in. So, if Blade wants to make the ncps and mcps better, I'll be the first in line.
Agreed, that crack twitch of the nCPS allows me to learn how to recover from unexpected stuff. I've actually grown a bit fond if it considering I use it mainly for practicing new things.
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